Timmy's Tile Turner

Enjoy a fun board game with your pals from the Fairly OddParents series with Timmy's Tile Turner game! Think of your next move and occupy the entire board!

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About Timmy's Tile Turner Game

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Join the heroes of the Fairly OddParents for a new challenge in Timmy's Tile Turner game! What can be better than a board game on a rainy day? Unfortunately, sometimes you can't find a partner. If you're in this situation, Timmy, his fairy godparents, and his pals will help you. They have a new board game that they want you to try. Now you'll never get bored again!

The game consists of a one-on-one round, where your goal is to occupy the entire board. You and your opponent will take turns. Can you put down more tiles than your opponent and fill the board with your tiles? 

Even if you don't know the rules yet, you'll surely get the gist of things right away and have a ton of fun with Timmy, Vicky, and A.J. Let's get started!

How to Play

Before you can get started, pick one of the three characters to embody. Do you prefer A.J., Vicky, or Timmy? Next, decide if you're going to play alone or with a friend. Finally, set up the game difficulty out of the three available options: Easy, Medium, or Hard. Now that you're all set let's play!

Start by looking at the 8-by-8 board in front of you! The goal is to cover up as much of it as possible with your character's tiles. They're easy to recognize since they'll be customized with their face and favorite color. But how do you do that? Easy, all you have to do to place a tile on the board is click!

However, the trick is that you can't place one of your tiles anywhere! In the beginning, each of the two players has a couple of tiles on the board. When your turn comes, you can only place one of your tiles on a square adjacent to one of your foe's tiles.

This rule applies to all directions: vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal! To make it easier, the game will mark any valid square with a red dot if you hover your cursor over it.

There's more you should know!

The goal for each move you make is to frame some of your enemy's tiles between two of your tiles. If you manage to frame at least one, it will change and become one of your tiles. How cool!

As you can guess, the more tiles you can turn at once, the better. Check the top of the screen to see your score, then wait for your foe to make a move!

The game ends when there's no more room left on the board or when one of the players can no longer make a move. Do not be fooled by the simple rules, as this game can test your ability to strategize! Besides, the silly company of the Fairly OddParents will make this board game even more fun!