Showdown at Santa's

Try the Showdown at Santa's game to help Timmy defend the toy factory from the elves and holidays! Can you keep Santa's Magic Meter full to save Christmas?

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About Showdown at Santa's Game

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In the Showdown at Santa's game, Santa Clause's toy factory is under attack by angry elves and jealous holidays. Timmy Turner is the only one that can defend the factory. However, he needs your help to defeat each enemy. Do you think you're the right person to save Christmas?

Your job is to join Timmy and help him bring down every enemy with his snowballs! Sounds simple, right? However, your aim should be impeccable if you want to bring everyone down quickly. Are you ready to jump into action and defend Santa's factory?

How to Play

Because you'll have loads of enemies coming to attack, the controls are easy to learn! Move your mouse to aim and use the Left Click to throw the snowballs. However, you will go against Baby New Year, Cupid, The Easter bunny, and loads of elves! Some may need a couple of shots before they drop down, so don't go easy on them!

There are many stages to complete, and a lot more enemies will come to attack the factory as you go on! If they reach their target, they will bring down Santa's Magic Meter, and if it's empty, they win! Still, if your aim is good, there is no doubt you'll be victorious!

Don't worry if they are too many at some point! Look around for the power-ups and shoot them with your snowball to gain them. They look like a lollipop, an eggnog carton, or a present, so they are hard to miss. With them, you might bump up your score or even have a laser beam to defeat every foe for a couple of seconds!

Are you ready to help Timmy protect Santa's Factory against the elves and jealous holidays? Grab a snowball, and let's see what you've got!