Fairly Odd Squad

Play the Fairly Odd Squad game and help Cosmo get his wand back from Foop! Navigate the three maps, collect stars and avoid the obstacles in your way!

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About Fairly Odd Squad Game

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Go on a wild adventure with the fairy family to prevent the chaos Foop wants to cause in the Fairly Odd Squad game! Oh no! Foop has stolen Cosmo's wand and flew back to the Anti-Fairy World! He is quite a naughty child, so all he wants is to create chaos everywhere he goes! Now it's up to Timmy or Chloe to get the wand back and save the magical realm!

Your main task is to navigate the three magical worlds, avoid the obstacles in your way and get Cosmo's wand back! The realms have dangerous creatures and objects everywhere, so only a true adventurer can pass by unharmed! Will you be able to retrieve the magical tool and come back victorious?

How to Play

You will only need your keyboard to embark on this adventure! The controls are pretty simple. You can move around the map using the Left and Right arrow keys. To climb the ladders or other objects and get to a higher place, press the Up arrow key! Sometimes you will have to combine them to get to spots that seem out of reach!

Robot Vicky, broken eggshells, piles of wands, and other dangerous things exist around the map. Try to avoid them at all costs by jumping over them! If you touch them, you'll lose one life! You only have three chances to make it through the three worlds before starting all over!

Collect as many shiny yellow stars as possible on your adventure! They will offer you bonus points! You can also grab the Magic Shield, which will protect you against obstacles for some time! That means you can make a few mistakes and touch harmful objects without losing any lives!

Are you ready to join the Odd Squad on this journey and stop Foop's chaos? Only the bravest can make it!