Space Junk

Play the Space Junk game and help Timmy jump up to the moon! Boost him as higher as possible, collect stars for points, and avoid all the obstacles!

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Join Timmy and his fairy Oddparents on a cosmic journey through the stars in the Space Junk game! The young Timmy is up to no good once again! This time, he wants to jump up to the moon with the help of his fairy companions! However, the sky is full of junk and debris, so it's dangerous! How high will Timmy reach with the help of his Oddparents?

You only have one task in this game: catch and boost Timmy's jumps so he can reach the moon! The universe is full of wonders, and you're the only one who can discover them!

How to Play

Jump high up into space by only using your mouse. Move your cursor back and forth to catch Timmy when he's falling, and send him back up! If he hits any debris and is in danger of dropping out of the sky, immediately click and save him by stunning him mid-air.

Be careful and try to avoid the junk scattered in the atmosphere! Every time Timmy hits one, he loses one of his five chances. He will also be sent flying uncontrollably in the air and might be hard to catch! Once the five chances run out, it will be game over!

Remember that you can save Timmy from falling by stunning him in the air with his Oddparents' power! The magic meter at the bottom of your screen will run out the more you hold Timmy in the spell! It will replenish over time, but it is better to use only when needed!

Lastly, collect as many stars as possible to gain points and get Timmy closer to the moon! If you can, try grabbing the rainbow star power-up! It acts as a booster and will send you through the air super fast!

Are you ready to help Timmy become the first child who stepped on the moon? The universe awaits!