Camping Chaos

Play the Camping Chaos game to help SpongeBob and the rest survive their camping trip. Protect them from the wild Sea Beasts and grab all the marshmallows!

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About Camping Chaos Game

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SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends went on a camping trip that turned to dust in the Camping Chaos game! Squidward upset some wild Sea bears, and now they have to flee. However, their marshmallows have scattered everywhere, and they should grab them all. Can you lend Patrick and the rest a hand and get them out of this pickle?

Your goal is simple, grab loads of marshmallows and avoid the wild sea animals. But, the only way to accomplish this mission is to use a stick to draw shelter for the three friends and pick up the sweets. Also, this whole mess is attracting more wild beasts. Will you get the group through the night?

How to Play

First, you should learn how to use the stick! You only have to use your mouse and draw circles around SpongeBob and the rest, and they'll be safe. The same goes for the other items you want to pick. However, if you're not fast enough, the bears might get their pray before you, and the whole camping trip will be a fail!

You will need to grab all the marshmallows to advance through the night. There will be many to survive, and you should protect at least one character. At the same time, plenty of beasts will try to get the three friends, and they will only back up if they see a circle around them. Also, you will get some points for each saved person!

What else you should know

You might notice some items popping around every now and then, and you can use them to distract the wild sea animals. For example, you can use the cheese plate, flashlight, and sombrero to distract the Sea Bears. 

Also, if wild Sea Rhinos appear, you can use the Anti-Sea Rhinos Underwear for protection. With these tools on your side, nothing is stopping you from spending many nights camping!

Are you ready to join SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick in their efforts to repeal the wild Sea Animals? Let's see if you can protect the three friends and grab all the marshmallows!