SpongeBob: Spring Cleaning

Play the Spring Cleaning game and help Spongebob clean his pineapple house! Move in all directions to collect the trash before the time runs out!

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About SpongeBob: Spring Cleaning Game

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Gather all the trash in SpongeBob's spacious pineapple house in the Spring Cleaning game! Everything is a mess! SpongeBob hasn't cleaned his home in a while. There's trash on the floors, dust everywhere, and junk on the furniture. It's time to clean and make it spotless! You only need a broom and a few other tools! Will you give SpongeBob a hand?

Your job is to help SpongeBob clean up his pineapple house and avoid the edges while collecting all the trash before the time runs out! You cannot miss this game if you enjoy dynamic puzzles! Don't let the pressure of the timer get to you, and focus on your moves! Get your broom ready, and let's go!

How to Play

You can use your mouse or keyboard to navigate the map and collect the trash piles. Move SpongeBob by pressing the arrow keys or clicking the direction you want him to go! His sliding will stop once he reaches the junk square. Then you can move him again! The round ends when you've collected all the trash in the room!

Try grabbing as many jellyfish as possible while cleaning. The jellyfish will offer you points and increase your final score! There are other bonuses you can collect as well. The window cleaner bottle acts as a multiplier and boosts your score. The hourglass adds a few more seconds to your timer, while the 1-UP gives you one more life! Try collecting the trash last, so you don't miss any power-ups by ending the level early!

Unfortunately, there are two ways to lose a life in this game! First, you must avoid running into the edges of the room. Make sure you're always aiming for a pile of trash instead. Then, remember to clean the junk out before the time ends! Losing three lives will automatically result in a game over, so be careful and play smart!

Are you ready to clean the pineapple house thoroughly and make it shine? Sweep until there's no trash left!