SpongeBob's Pizza Toss

Help deliver food to the Krusty Krab customers in SpongeBob's Pizza Toss game! Hop on your bike, avoid the obstacles and see how many pizzas you can throw!

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About SpongeBob's Pizza Toss Game

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The citizens of Bikini Bottom are getting hungry, and it's up to you to deliver their meals in the SpongeBob's Pizza Toss game! The cute sponge is Mr. Krabs' most skilled employee, so he gets the most important task. Will you travel across town on SpongeBob's bicycle and deliver the pizzas? Just make sure they reach the right destinations!

Your goal for this mission is to bring the Krusty Krab orders to every citizen in Bikini Bottom. To do this, you must time your toss right and not splatter any pizzas. If you run out of food, it won't be enough for the hungry bunch! Be careful, or Mr. Krabs will be very angry!

How to Play

It's time to hop on your bike and start your journey! Luckily, all you need to complete this challenge is your keyboard. Press on the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to guide SpongeBob in each direction. To toss the pizzas, tap on the Spacebar or CTRL key, and you can do a high or low throw!

Help your buddy ride his bicycle across Bikini Bottom and deliver the food safely. Pay attention to the screen, and make sure to aim at the right time. If you toss too early or too late, your pizza will be splattered! Remember that you lose points for every wrong throw, so make sure not to make Mr. Krabs too angry!

It's important to always pay attention to the number at the bottom of the screen. If you waste all your pizzas, you won't have enough to finish the level! However, you can also run out of time before you complete your deliveries for the day. If this happens, it'll be game over for you! 

What else you should know

If you want to reach Patrick safely at the end, you must avoid all the obstacles. The sea creatures and objects can get in your way and slow you down. This is why you must change your lane and avoid them as soon as they appear! The more you get hit, the more points you'll lose!

Have you noticed any power-ups on the ground? If so, pick them up and increase your score! The hat will make your friend temporarily invincible, while the clock will give you some extra time. If you can find a bunch of pizzas, you're in luck! This way, you can get a few more packages before your mission is over.

Are you prepared to deliver some pizzas together with SpongeBob? Hurry up! The citizens of Bikini Bottom are getting impatient!