Dancin' Tentacles

Play the Dancin' Tentacles game and help protect Squidward from the angry crowd! Catch food before it reaches the stage and save the octopus' performance!

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About Dancin' Tentacles Game

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Join SpongeBob in protecting his dear friend Squidward from the angry crowd's food attack in the Dancin' Tentacles game! Squidward is not a talented dancer, and the residents of Bikini Bottom aren't too patient with him. They're throwing food at the stage to stop the octopus' performance. However, SpongeBob always has his back and will catch all the ingredients before they reach his friend! Will you land SpongeBob a hand?

Your job in this game is to help your sponge friend protect Squidward during his dancing performance as the audience throws food at the stage to make him stop! Be quick, and don't let anyone ruin the octopus' precious moment!

How to Play

You'll need your keyboard to hop around and catch the ingredients. Here are your controls and how to use them:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Move around the stage.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Spacebar: Launch Krabby Patties at the audience.

While grabbing the ingredients thrown at Squidward, you will notice the Patty Maker slowly filling up. When one slot is complete, a Krabby Patty will be added to your Patty Vault, which has up to eight spaces! You can use the burgers and throw them back at the crowd to calm them down, so their food attack will slow down!

From time to time, Mr. Krabs' claw will appear to the side to offer a power-up. The green liquid will boost SpongeBob's speed and help him reach opposite corners of the stage faster.

Whenever Squidward takes a hit from the angry crowd, a hook will appear on the right side of the screen, extending more and more. It aims to sweep the octopus' off the stage, but SpongeBob can send it back a bit by throwing a delicious Krabby Patty at it!

Now that you know how to keep the audience at bay, will you help Squidward finish his performance? It's time to bust some moves!