Bikini Bottom Button Bash

Squidward hid away SpongeBob's diary and in the Bikini Bottom Button Bash game. Help SpongeBob get past the obstacles and take back his beloved possession!

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About Bikini Bottom Button Bash Game

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Oh no! Squidward stole SpongeBob's diary in the Bikini Bottom Button Bash game to take his revenge. It seems that our friend is quite a noisy guy and his neighbor couldn't endure it anymore. That is why he hid SpongeBob's journal in a positively scary place, so he would be away long enough to rest his weary eyes. 

You must help SpongeBob retrieve his beloved scribbles from the nightmarish claws of bad dreams. Even though you will have to pass through dangerous places, at the end of the day, it will be a great adventure for everybody!

How to Play

You need not prepare thoroughly for this journey into the unknown. The only tool worthy enough to be used here is nothing else but your humble mouse. It will be enough to guide SpongeBob out of all harm. 

The complicated thing is that for each type of movement, there is a different click. You will need to fight bad guys, jump over holes, float on bubbles any many other things!

If you happen to be in the way of something that might cause harm, just click once to make SpongeBob slap everything with his spatula! But if you would prefer to run away from the danger, keep clicking fast to start moving before the thing catches you!

When a huge chasm separates you from going further, you should click and hold. This will make a little bar appear above SpongeBob's head. Depending on how full it is, he will jump further or not.

Also, you can jump when you find some Vets. These things create bubbles that make you float higher! To turn them on or off, you must click once. You can use them to direct SpongeBob towards the safest path.

You should do your best on this rescue mission and retrieve the beloved diary, that carries so many beautiful memories! Good Luck!