Bikini Bottom Carnival

Go to the fair with SpongeBob and Patrick in the Bikini Bottom Carnival game! Visit the colorful tents and test your skills by playing various mini-games!

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The festival has begun, and you get to enjoy all the events in the Bikini Bottom Carnival game! SpongeBob and Patrick are excited to check out each area. There are tents all over, and every one of them has a fun activity for you to try! Can you earn the highest scores and become the winner at the end of the day? 

SpongeBob and Patrick are excited to try every game the festival has to offer! There are nine different sights for you to check out, and each one will put your skills to the test. Will you play by yourself, or will you challenge your buddy to see who will score the highest? Either way, having fun is most important when it comes to carnivals!

How to play the mini-games

Are you prepared to look around the tents? Luckily you only need your keyboard to enjoy every activity the festival has to offer! Just listen carefully to the instructions and press the right keys to achieve your goal. That sounds easy as pie, right?

Right from the start, you'll have to choose between the One or Two-Player Mode. Afterward, you can pick your favorite character between SpongeBob and Patrick. Visit the festival with your best friend, and you'll have to compete against each other for the highest score. If you play by yourself, you can try each challenge and improve your skills!

Here are all the nine games you can enjoy at the carnival:

- Sundae Splatter: Make as many ice cream sundaes as possible by pressing the correct letters.

- Deep Sea Sharpshooter: Grab your bubble gun and shoot the villains while avoiding your buddies.

- Ring Fling: Use the power meter to toss the rings and aim for the hermit crabs.

- Catch 'em!: Move your character to the left and right to collect as many stars as possible.

- Whack-an-Eel: Use your hammer to hit the eels before they can hide.

- Sea Your Strength!: Strike the target as hard as possible and make the bell ring.

- Tic-Tac-Curaccy!: Aim in time, throw the pearls at the board, and line up three items in a row.

- Basket Barrel: Time your moves right, press the correct keys, and shoot your basketballs into the barrel!

- Puffer Pop: Show off your amazing aim and throw pickles at the pufferfish to blow them up.

What else you should know

Most of the activities will end after three minutes, while the rest will be over if you make too many mistakes. Even so, you must not rush because you have to be precise. You can easily slip up if you lose your focus! Luckily, you can retry the missions as many times as needed and aim for a high score!

Well, are you ready to visit the carnival together with SpongeBob and Patrick? Check out all the sights and win every game!