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Play the Chop Chef game and show off your impressive cutting skills! Chop every ingredient on the cutting board faster than your opponent to claim victory!

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Find out who can cut ingredients faster in the Chop Chef game! SpongeBob and Patrick are having a friendly competition right before their barbecue dinner. Although Patrick, the happy starfish, isn't a chef, he can get quite handy with a sharp spatula in his hand. SpongeBob is facing a powerful rival! Who are you rooting for in this competition?

In this contest, cutting quickly and accurately is the most important thing! Secure your victory and help SpongeBob claim his place as the top chef. It's all about grilling your opponent and showing off your impressive skills! Don't miss out on this awesome barbecue party!

How to Play

You only need your mouse and your trusty spatula to win this competition! Each side has an equal chance, so try your best to be faster than your opponent. Click and drag, then release to cut along the arrow line and split each ingredient into two perfect halves. The better the cut, the more points you receive each time!

You'll receive a bunch of ingredients to cut on your cutting board. Oranges, chicken thighs, and whipped cream pies, you will get to chop them all! However, you should avoid slashing into the beautiful portrait of your friend Squidward. If you cut it, you will lose a point, so wait for a few seconds, and it'll be taken off your cutting block!

Although there is no timer, this competition is all about speed! Try following the direction of the arrows whenever you cut an ingredient and do it in one quick swoosh! If you chop faster than Patrick, you'll receive bonus points which you can keep track of by looking at the red and blue meters.

The challenge doesn't end with one round. Fill your point meter and move on to the next level for faster chops and tough competition from your lovely opponent!

Will you claim victory and become the top chef at this barbecue party? Chop chop! The competition begins!