Play the SpongeSeek game and help SpongeBob find and sink his rival's pieces! Hide your pieces in perfect locations and uncover your opponent's to win!

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About SpongeSeek Game

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SpongeBob is ready to find and destroy his rival's pieces in the SpongeSeek game! Show off how good of a guesser you are and join the happy sponge in a friendly, hide-and-seek type of competition. With an army of loyal jellyfish who will sting or splash, scour the board's surface until you discover all the character pieces and claim victory against your enemy! Can you lend a hand to your friend SpongeBob and uncover them?

Your role in this game is to help SpongeBob be the first to find and sink all of the opponent's pieces from the board. You cannot miss this fun activity if you're a fan of the classic Battleship game. This SpongeBob SquarePants twist on the original is bound to keep you entertained!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to hide your pieces from the jellyfish. First, click on the character you want to move and drag it to a fitting space. Once you've found the combination that works for you, you can rotate some pieces by clicking on the circular arrows. You can hit the OK button when you're satisfied with the placement.

Next, it's your opponent's turn. After the computer has arranged its pieces, it's time for the jellyfish. Grab one from your pile and place it on one of the squares. If you've landed on a character, you'll get a Sting. However, if your jellyfish is on a blank square, you'll hear Splash! Try as many times as necessary until you find all the pieces.

Each character occupies a certain number of squares on the grid. Based on the stings, you might be able to calculate the spots and directions needed to find the entire piece. The game ends when one of the players finds all the characters on the board! Don't worry if you lose! Next time, you'll know exactly where to hide your pieces.

Now that you know the ins and outs of the game, can you beat your opponent in this challenge and find all their pieces first? Let the jellyfish sting, but never splash!