New Dog, Old Tricks

Help Jimmy Neutron's mechanical pup win a doggy competition in the New Dog, Old Tricks game! Can he perform the same tricks as Humphrey, Cindy's pet?

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Don't miss out on the New Dog, Old Tricks game if you're a pet lover with a great memory! Any fan of the Jimmy Neutron show knows his loyal mechanical companion, Goddard. Even if he isn't a real dog, he can do everything they can do!

Nevertheless, Cindy Vortex, Jimmy's nemesis turned girlfriend, doesn't believe in Goddard's skills. She thinks Humphrey, her pet, is much better than Jimmy's dog. Can you prove her wrong?

The game consists of a memory challenge. Humphrey will perform a series of tricks, and your job is to mirror his moves exactly. If you mess up, you'll prove Cindy wrong and embarrass Jimmy. Yikes!

How to Play

The first step is to pay close attention to Humphrey's every move. He has quite a few tricks in his bag, like sitting, rolling over, dancing, and begging. Look at the five buttons at the bottom of the screen too! They'll light up when he performs a move, making it easier for you to follow. 

Now, it's your turn! Can you tell Goddard what to do to mimic Humphrey? At first, it will be easy. However, Humphrey will keep adding to the sequence of moves, making it harder to follow along. This is where the memory test comes in!

If you want to succeed in this one-on-one doggy face-off, you should take advantage of every aspect. For instance, have you noticed that each button has a different color? Memorizing might be easier than remembering the move itself. Another helpful trick is to say the name of each move out loud. However, it's up to you to find the best memorization technique!

Unfortunately, the game will end when you make a mistake. When this happens, you'll have the chance to see Goddard play dead. However, it's not a pretty sight! Therefore, you should do your best to beat Humphrey in this trick competition. You'll improve your memory while helping Jimmy impress Cindy!