Jimmy Neutron in The Big Freeze

Shoot up all the alien invaders in Retroville with the Jimmy Neutron in The Big Freeze game! Keep your cool and aim with precision to save Jimmy's pals!

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About Jimmy Neutron in The Big Freeze Game

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Test your precision and speed in the Jimmy Neutron in The Big Freeze game! Unfortunately, Egg-pire invaders have overrun Retroville, capturing Jimmy's friends and family. Only our favorite child genius can save them using his latest invention, the Freeze Ray. Can you give him a hand?

The game consists of multiple stages, each one taking place in a different location in Jimmy's hometown. Your goal is to shoot and freeze enough aliens to move on to the next level. Don't let the hostile extraterrestrials shoot back, or you'll lose!

How to Play 

As is the case with most of Jimmy's brilliant inventions, the Freeze Ray is fun and easy to use. First, watch out and be prepared for a foe to jump out of nowhere! Move your cursor over your target, then click to shoot! When your bullets run out, reload the pistol by pressing the Spacebar. Hurry up, or the aliens will overrule you!

The fast pace of the game will surely challenge your precision. To win, you must take advantage of bonuses and special moves. After many precise shots in a row, you'll get a bonus like the Ice Bomb, FreeZe Power, and Auto Reload. They're very helpful, but do you know how to use them?

When you feel overwhelmed, simply click on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. For the Ice Bomb, you have to press the B key. Once you gain the power-up, use it wisely to get to the point objective before the time runs out!

What else you should know

You otherworldly foes will fight back! The aliens of Egg-pire can take on many forms, some more dangerous than others. Some of them have shields that will deflect the shots toward you. What is more, the aliens will throw frozen eggs at you. If you shoot them by mistake, your screen will freeze up. Yikes!

If you survive a stage of the game, you'll get the chance to answer a bonus question for 50 extra points. They deal with computer skills, Jimmy Neutron's specialty!

Prove your agility, speed, and precision in this thrilling shooting challenge! If you manage to keep your cool, you'll free Jimmy's friends and liberate Retroville. You'll also have a ton of fun!