Attack of the Twonkies

Capture all the invaders in the Attack of the Twonkies game to help Jimmy Neutron defend Retroville! Can you fly the Hovercraft with speed and precision?

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About Attack of the Twonkies Game

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Test your agility and speed with the Attack of the Twonkies game! Unfortunately, a bunch of terrifying aliens have invaded Jimmy's hometown of Retroville. The three species ransacking the city are called Twonkies, Stompers, and Gromps. As you can imagine, Jimmy Neutron is the only one who can help in this situation. It's time to take the Hovercraft out of the garage and get to work!

The game consists of a 90-second round which will challenge you to gather as many aliens as possible. Ride the flying vehicle all over town and vacuum the nasty creatures as fast as possible, then return them to the launchpad before they can attack Jimmy!

How to Play

Driving a Hovercraft sounds a lot more challenging than it actually is! You can fly forward using the W key. To swerve left or right, press the A or D keys. Next, press W again to continue your journey. At first, it can be a bit cumbersome, but you'll be flying around Retroville at lightning speed in no time with some practice!

Can you get rid of the aliens by vacuuming them up? After positioning your ship correctly, you can capture your foes by pressing the Spacebar at the right moment. However, keep in mind that the vacuum has limited energy! Whenever the yellow bar runs out, you have to wait until it fills up to start again.

Now is the right moment to head to the launchpad! If you leave the aliens in the vacuum for too long, they'll attack Jimmy. Yikes! The timer on the left side of the screen will help you remember when it's time to return to the dock. After dropping the load, feel free to go back to town and collect more!

What else you should know

Sheen, Jimmy's pal, will help you gather more of the menacing extraterrestrials. His off-key singing will put all the creatures around him to sleep. Therefore, they'll be easier to pick up! Singing Sheen is vital when picking up more dangerous aliens, like the ginormous Gromps.

When the 90 seconds run out, you'll find out how good of an alien hunter you are. Each extraterrestrial you have collected will bring in points, depending on its size. Even if you don't gather too many on your first try, you can also take out the Hovercraft for another spin.

You'll have a lot of fun improving your agility and coordination in Jimmy Neutron's company!