Jimmy Neutron's In-Genious Word Search

Test your attention to detail while sorting through letters in Jimmy Neutron's In-Genious Word Search game! Find all 16 words from your favorite show!

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About Jimmy Neutron's In-Genious Word Search Game

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Prove that you have a way with words in Jimmy Neutron's In-Genious Word Search game! You can become a genius if you train your brain with word puzzles. What is more, they will help you read much faster. Get on track to becoming even more intelligent than Jimmy with this fun challenge! Therefore, start looking for letters as soon as possible!

The game consists of a word puzzle that challenges you to discover as many words as possible from the list. Can you find the 16 words among the 400 letters in the play area? It's going to take some patience and a keen sense of observation!

How to Play

If you've ever done a crossword, you might already be familiar with the game's rules. The first step of the game is to glance at the list of words. You'll notice some of them are character names and places from the Jimmy Neutron show. On the other hand, you'll also have to find objects that Jimmy uses, like satellites or robots. Therefore, the better you know the show, the easier it will be to discover all the words on the list on the left side of the screen. Isn't that cool?

Next, look at the 20 by 20 grid filled with letters. At a glance, some of the words on the list might jump out at you with little effort. If you happen across one, simply click on the first letter, then click the last letter. The word will become highlighted in red on the grid. The game will also cross the word out from the list automatically.

After checking out all the words, it's time to start searching. Have you noticed that you can find words written in all directions? More precisely, you'll have to look for words horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Sometimes you'll even find a word written backward!

If you can't seem to find some of the words, don't worry! You can click on the button on the right side of the screen to solve the word puzzle and discover all the hidden words. Play again to jumble up the letters and get a new list of words. Play as much as possible to become a word genius, like Jimmy Neutron!