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Play Lincoln’s List game to help the only boy of this loud family enjoy his comic books in peace! But first, you need to complete tasks for the girls!

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About Lincoln's List Game

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Join the hero of Loud House for Lincoln's List game to get a taste of the adventurous life in a household with 11 siblings! Can you believe that Lincoln is the only boy? He is an ordinary eleven-year-old who enjoys reading comic books in his underwear, especially on Wednesday. However, he has to do something first!

Lincoln has a lengthy list to compete before he can go on and enjoy his comic book in peace. He needs to speak to all of his sisters and complete a task for each of them. Can you finish everything in time and retreat to your room?

Explore the house!

Any fan of this show will know that Lincoln has a loyal friend who stands by him in any situation. That's right, I am talking about Clyde! He will be in constant contact with you via his walkie-talkie, offering precious tips whenever you need them.

The gameplay is so easy and intuitive! You can move Lincoln through the house by using the Arrow Keys. Use the Space Bar whenever an orange dotted circle appears. This cool feature allows you to go from one room to another, as well as interact with objects and collect them. Easy as pie, right?

How do you get started? Simple. Take your first mission from your baby sister Lily. To get more details and find out exactly what objects you need to collect, click on the checklist at the top of the screen. Here, you can scroll through all of your sister's missions and check on your progress. Do you need to find Lily's bottle of milk? Check the fridge in the kitchen!

The devil is in the details!

To better navigate the Loud household, you will need a map. Luckily, this game gives you a helping hand! Click on the compass at the bottom right corner of the screen to take a look at the layout of the house. Make sure you don't miss any corner of the house!

You will find that the tasks that your sisters give you are quite varied. Some of them are looking for just one specific object, such as Luna and her desired shiny paperclip. However, several of them are much more complicated! You will need to act quickly and learn the house like the back of your hand if you want to succeed. 

Finally, make sure you do other little things around the house to earn achievements. Did you know that you can receive a medal for gathering all the towels in the house? Keep an eye out for letters as well, and remember to turn off the lights!

You can enjoy hours of fun with Lincoln and his family with this adorable game! The coolest part is that you will need to sneak to your room after you finish all your tasks. The Loud sisters won't let you enjoy your comic book in your underwear at any cost!