Crash the Bash: Drink Break

Play Crash the Bash: Drink Break game to guide Lincoln on a bottle-hopping adventure! How many water bottles can you place on podiums before time runs out?

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About Crash the Bash: Drink Break Game

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In the Crash the Bash: Drink Break game, our buddy Lincoln Loud is on a super fun mission in a land filled with platforms, water bottles, and...canons? Yep, it's not just about jumping and placing bottles; there's a splash of excitement and challenge, too!

Your task? Guide Lincoln as he hops from one platform to another, collecting water bottles and placing them on special podiums. But be alert! With a ticking timer and some sneaky obstacles in your way, can you help Lincoln complete his hydrating mission before time runs out?

How to Play

If you're on a desktop, using the Left and Right arrow keys will move Lincoln around, and the Up arrow key will make him jump high. For those touchscreen warriors out there, just drag the arrows on your screen's left side for movement and tap the arrow on the right to make Lincoln leap!

Alright, let's break down your quest. First, keep those eyes peeled for the water bottle stand. Once you spot it, grab a bottle! But wait, where do you place it? No worries; a helpful radar arrow will point you to the nearest podium. Pop the bottle there, earn some cool points, and then find another bottle!

Do you see that timer at the top left corner? Yep, it's ticking down! And when it reaches zero, it's game over. So, time is of the essence!

But here's where things get a tad tricky. Watch out for sneaky snowball piles and those mischievous canons trying to knock you off your game. Get hit, and you'll lose one of your precious life points. Lose all three, and well, you know the drill - it's game over.

What else you should know

Fear not! All is not lost. As you adventure, be on the lookout for red hearts; they'll replenish your lost life points. And those watches you might stumble upon? Grab 'em to give your timer a nice little extension!

With an ever-ticking timer, quirky challenges, and Lincoln Loud's energetic charm, you're in for an unending roller coaster of excitement. Ready to hop, dodge, and hydrate? Let the bottle-placing fun begin!