Goosebumps: Stine-Chillers

Join the Goosebumps characters for a spooky storytelling session in the Stine-Chillers game! Pick scary items and create a terrifying Halloween story!

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The Goosebumps characters are ready to create a spooky story for you in the Stine-Chillers game! The Halloween season always brings about the scary side of our world, and R.L. Stine is here to tell it in his books. However, he needs your help to come up with new terrifying tales! Can you create a new spooky story?

Your job is to invent a Halloween story plot by choosing all the scary details. Then, let Stine bring it to life with his storytelling skills! Let your imagination run wild and create a compelling tale that will terrify everyone!

How to Play

The first thing you need to do is select a few things to create your story. You'll start with the setting, then move on to the main villain and a few objects that will appear here and there in your tale. To do that, click on each page, scroll through your options, and make a choice by clicking on it. Once you're done, you can click on the Read Story button to hear the new tale.

You can create original stories by trying out every scenario and switching around your choices. For instance, you can learn about the terrifying curse cast by scary villains like the Leprechaun, the Scarecrow, or Dracula. If you want, you can even experience crazy illusions of Slappy the doll during a storm! The story is accompanied by sound effects, so proceed with caution, and don't let it scare you!

If you're not pleased with the tale you came up with, you can try writing another and changing all the details! There is no limit to how many stories you can create, so don't hold back and let the Halloween spooks take over!

That would be all. Are you ready to join Stine in scaring everyone with terrifying stories? Boo! Halloween isn't just about Trick or Treating this year!