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Play the Krusty Cashier game and help SpongeBob manage the cash register! Calculate the right amount of change before the clients run out of patience!

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Prove your math skills and give the Krusty Krab clients the correct change in the Krusty Cashier game! Although Squidward usually handles the cash register, also known as Cashy, today it is SpongeBob's turn. He is a bit nervous since the Krusty Krab customers are not very patient, but there is nothing our favorite sponge friend cannot do! Will you help him manage the cash register successfully?

Your job is to help SpongeBob add and subtract the money customers give him, then offer them the correct amount of change before they run out of patience! Being the cashier of such a popular restaurant is not easy. Still, SpongeBob is a smart cookie and can smash down any math with your aid!

How to Play

You should use your mouse or your keyboard to do the needed calculations. First, just left-click on the numbers to write them manually into the cash register. Then, when you've finished it, hit the green button to send away the client. If you're using the keyboard, type using the number pad or the ones above your letters to put in the sum, then press Enter to give the change!

The fish coming around Krusty Krabs aren't very patient, so you need to hurry when giving them back their change. If you don't know how much time you have, take a peek at the customer's face. Their expression will immediately tell you what you need to know! Therefore, when they frown and are red in the cheeks, they're angry and might leave before you finish your job!

Like all jobs, when all the customers are happy and out the door, you will get paid! However, if you get too many calculations wrong or take too long, clients will leave too early, and you won't be able to finish the level! Mr. Krabs won't let you manage Cashy again if you make too many mistakes! You only have three chances before it's game over!

Now that you know what to do, can you be a better cashier than Squidward? Keep the money flowing!