Trouble Clef

Stop Squidward's irritating clarinet performance in the Trouble Clef game! Send laugh waves toward the notes to destroy them and earn points!

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Squidward is ready for an irritating performance with his clarinet in the Trouble Clef game! The octopus is not very talented at music or playing his favorite instrument, but that doesn't stop him from showing off! However, as much as SpongeBob loves his friend, he cannot let anyone in Bikini Bottom hear more of his awful song. There's only one solution: laughter. Will you be able to stop Squidward with the help of your sponge friend?

Your task is to stop Squidward's Nasty Notes from reaching SpongeBob by sending laughs to the right tentacle and getting rid of them. It is up to our favorite sponge to save the performance and get Squidward off the stage! It just takes a little practice, so don't give up until you've eliminated all the nasty notes!

How to Play

You'll need to use your mouse to counter the wrong notes from Squidward's clarinet. Move the cursor from one tentacle string to another and click it to send a laugh in that specific direction. The wave of laughter will interrupt the musical note and make space for satisfying silence!

Some notes might take more than one laugh from the happy sponge. You'll be able to tell which ones are stronger by their size. For example, if you hit Squidward with a laugh, he'll send a big black musical note toward SpongeBob that requires four or five hits to disappear!

Another thing you should keep an eye out for is your friend Patrick! He'll float around from time to time, disturbed by Squidward's performance. If you hit him with a laughing wave, he'll clear out all the tentacles for a few seconds and help you increase your score!

Now that you know how to save the show, will you manage to stop Squidward's clarinet performance? It's time to destroy the Nasty Notes!