Naughty or Nice

Play the Naughty or Nice game and help SpongeBob deliver the right presents! Throw gifts at the naughty or nice sardines and keep them away from the top!

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Carry the Christmas Spirit and join SpongeBob in becoming the best replacement for Santa Claus in the Naughty or Nice game! Santa can't bring gifts to everyone this year, so he asked SpongeBob to help him! The well-behaved fish get a wonderful gift, and the naughty ones get a not-so-wonderful present! Will you give everyone the perfect present?

Your job in this game is to give the naughty and nice sardines the right presents and keep them from climbing up to SpongeBob! Replacing Santa is not a simple task, but our sponge friend has the heart and long arms to do it!

How to Play

You need your mouse and keyboard to give everyone their gifts! Here are  the controls and how to use them:

 - Left mouse click: Aim and throw the gifts.

 - Spacebar: Switch between the naughty and the lovely gifts.

Avoid giving a sardine the wrong gift, or they will be upset and climb to you faster. When you deliver the right present, they will slide off the sack. Throwing the same gift to multiple fish in a row will multiply your score, so try your best to switch only when needed!

When you see the shooting star passing by, shoot it with a gift for a power-up! You can slow sardines down with peanut butter, receive protection bubbles or stun the sardines for a limited time! Whenever things get overwhelming, they'll become a great help!

If the sardines climb up to you, you won't lose any points! You'll even gain some! However, to complete the game and the mission, you'll have to reach and beat level ten! The difficulty of each stage will increase, and the sardines will grow needy, but that's what makes the challenge fun!

Now that you know all the tricks, can you be this year's Santa and make the Bikini Bottom residents happy? Ho, Ho, Ho! Everyone gets a gift!