Boat-o-Cross 2

Play the Boat-o-Cross 2 game and race to the finish line! Pick a character, customize your boat, and reach the end without crashing your vehicle!

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About Boat-o-Cross 2 Game

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The SpongeBob SquarePants characters are ready to customize their boats and create the ultimate vehicle for racing in the Boat-o-Cross 2 game. With the chance to explore more of Bikini Bottom, they embarked on this adventure, ready to reach the end of each racing arena. What are you waiting for? Hop into your boat and join them!

Your goal is to keep the racing boat from tipping as you collect the golden keys and try to reach the end of the course. This second build in the Boat-o Cross series provokes you to keep your wheels on the ground and race to unlock all the exciting new arenas! Can you keep up?

How to Play

To navigate through the course, use your keyboard. Here are the controls and how to use them properly:

 - Up/Down arrow keys: Move ahead/reverse.

 - Right/Left arrow keys: Tip your boat forward/backward.

Before starting your journey, you can choose your driver and customize your racing boat. However, you will notice that some characters like Sandy or Barnacle Boy, boat pieces, or levels are locked. This game challenges you to finish every course to unlock all the customizable options and the racing arenas around Bikini Bottom! Mix and match the pieces and create your dream vehicle!

There are obstacles along the course, such as rocks, plants, goo, or thorny pits. It will be hard to avoid them, so your best option is to move at a steady pace and drive over them.

What else you should know

Take it slow, control your movements and you won't tip over or fall into the gaps! If you try the course a second time or compete with your friends, you can always attempt to beat your time record!

The six worlds have three levels each, so there are plenty of opportunities to practice your driving! You can unlock the cave and the Roman stages by completing the other four worlds. Each level has its challenges, but you can beat them all! Once you complete each world, you'll become the champion!

Now that you know all the tricks, will you complete the courses and win the race? Ready, set, go!

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