Banquet Bolt

Help SpongeBob serve the anchovies a lovely Thanksgiving dinner in the Banquet Bolt game! Deliver the burgers to hungry clients and collect the rewards!

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The customers of Krusty Krab are ready for a delicious Thanksgiving meal in the Banquet Bolt game! Hence, SpongeBob and Squidward must keep all the clients happy and feed them Krabby Patties before they get hungry. Will you take on this job and serve the best burgers in town for Thanksgiving?

Your goal is to help SpongeBob keep up with the anchovies by feeding them Krabby Patties and collecting the empty plates and rewards! Try to be quick, pay attention to all the details, and serve everyone a lovely meal on Thanksgiving night!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to deliver the Krabby Patties to the hungry anchovies. These are your controls and how to use them:

 - Arrow keys: Move around and switch between tables.

 - Spacebar: Serve the Krabby Patties.

 - Q: Call Squidward.

Once in a while, a customer will send back an empty plate SpongeBob must catch. However, as the waves of anchovies keep pouring into the restaurant, keeping up with everything might prove difficult. Don't hesitate to press the Q key and call for Squidward's help. He will collect the plates for you, but you must wait a while before calling him again.

While serving the customers, try not to throw burgers away by sending too many down the aisle, as they will slip and cost you one life. You can also lose a life if you don't serve the clients quickly and they reach the end of the table. The same goes if you don't catch their empty plates in time. You only have three chances, so try your best to keep everything in order!

From time to time, a satisfied customer will leave behind a cornucopia as thanks for their delicious burger. Collect them to earn extra points before they disappear. The more happy your customers are, the higher your score!

Are you ready to serve the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner to the residents of Bikini Bottom? Let's get to work!