The Kah Rah Tay Squid

Practice your karate chop together with Squidward in The Kah Rah Tay Squid game! Smash the items and learn all about martial arts in this fun challenge!

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About The Kah Rah Tay Squid Game

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Have you ever been interested in learning martial arts? Well, Squidward knows all about them, and he's ready to train you in The Kah Rah Tay Squid game! SpongeBob's angry neighbor has been practicing his skills, and he's prepared to pass all his knowledge on to you. Just put on your uniform and get ready for some intense training!

This is an action-packed challenge, so you will have to stay focused! Can you karate chop the objects aimed at you? Just keep in mind that not all items must be destroyed, so don't act too rashly! This is how you can become a master in the art of Kah-rah-tay!

How to Play

It's time to begin your practice session! The rules are very straightforward, but you must still be careful. To show off your knowledge of the martial arts, you will need to use your mouse. Just wait for the items to be close enough, then tap on them to smash each object in one go!

Your main goal is to strike all the targets and practice your karate chop. While some items will be destroyed with just one blow, others will need to be hit multiple times before they crack! However, remember that you must completely get rid of the objects to earn points. If you can't break them, your score won't increase!

There are two targets you must avoid at all costs: SpongeBob and the red clams. If they appear, you should try not to chop them, or you will waste a chance. You only have three lives in total, so you have to be careful not to rush! Patience is a great virtue for a martial arts master, so you must think before each action.

The more items you chop, the faster your rage gauge will fill up. Once the meter is full, Squidward will become very angry, and you will need to smash six objects before he calms down. If you fail to complete this task, it'll be game over, and you will have to restart the challenge from the beginning.

Well, aren't you eager to begin your lesson? Join Squidward and practice your karate skills by smashing the objects! Your friend is ready to teach you everything about martial arts!