Breadwinners: Ultimate Robot Battle

Help the Breadwinners fight the ugly monsters in the Ultimate Robot Battle game! Move around the arena and shoot rockets to defeat the swamp creatures!

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About Breadwinners: Ultimate Robot Battle Game

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SwaySway and Buhdeuce must fight ugly monsters in the Breadwinners: Ultimate Robot Battle game! The duo is ready to take on their robot-like forms and eliminate the swamp creatures! However, the monsters are tricky to deal with as each has specific attacks and won't hesitate to send forward their minions! Will you join the green ducks in their battle?

Your job in this game is to avoid the attacks of the swamp creatures and defeat them and their minions by shooting rockets! You will need to put all your skills to good use and be swift to dodge the monsters' dangerous moves!

How to Play

To fight the ugly swamp monsters and their minions, use your keyboard. Here are your controls and how to use them:

 - Arrow keys: Move around the arena.

 - Spacebar: Fire rocket.

You'll meet new monsters every few levels, and each will bring something new to the battle. For example, you'll not only deal with the constant minion waves, but they'll start throwing eggs your way or crush you by jumping on you. These attacks can be dodged by moving around the arena. However, you must keep shooting and eliminating the enemies before they damage you!

If you want to track the health levels of both you and the monster, you can look at the upper part of your screen. The green bar displays your health, while the yellow belongs to the swamp creature. You must be careful and avoid attacks, or you'll lose your health. Once the bar is empty, it'll be game over!

Every now and then, when you've lowered the monster's health enough and the arena gets overwhelmed by enemies, you'll receive a power-up! You can try to collect the shiny piece of bread as fast as possible, then hit your Spacebar quickly for a powerful attack from your ally, the battle robot! It will immediately eliminate all your enemies and help you move to the next level!

Are you ready to help the funky ducks defeat the swamp monsters and claim victory? Bap! Nothing can stand against you!