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The news sounds promising in the Bikini Bottom Bugle game. Help SpongeBob and his friends tackle their problems with Plankton, the sea trash, and others!

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There are some interesting titles today in the Bikini Bottom Bugle game. Things are happening around the underwater town, and you should definitely check them out. Each one is about one of your favorite characters, such as SpongeBob, Patrick Star, or Squidward!

There is a game that you can play under each theme, be it health, food, news, or crime. These are all centered around a particular character from the show. If you want to hear the latest Bikini Bottom news, you should definitely check them all out!

How to Play

Because newspapers usually encompass more than one theme, so it happens that this game has multiple games within it! That also means that you will need different tools for each one of them. Some will require you to use your mouse, whereas others your keyboard. Or, if you can, you could also use your fingertips to touch the screen!

Plankton's Food Fight is a head title that certainly got your attention. Indeed, once again, this little villain is looking for trouble. It seems like he never learns his lesson. You have to put him straight by preventing him from entering the Krusty Krab restaurant. To do that, use your mouse to aim for his clones and shoot food at them. Before you know it, they will vanish!

If you are concerned with all the trash thrown in the sea nowadays, make sure to check with SpongeBob in the Bubble Trubble. He wishes to return the garbage to the surface by blowing some bubbles around them. You have to guide SpongeBob near the target, then click and hold to blow a bubble. But you ought to make sure that the bubbles are the appropriate size! 

Try out these page-turners!

Sandy Cheeks and Patrick Star are having a hard time deciding what to eat. Your job in Feeder Frenzy is to make sure that they eat the proper food. They could get quite sick from eating anything else. Do sort the food you have to use the Left and Right arrows. Simply press the keys according to the character that has to be served.

Squidward also sneaked onto the first page of the paper because of the Portrait Panic. Everybody in Bikini Bottom knows what an art lover he is, so when he discovered that some jellyfish stole the artwork, he went mad! You need to help Squidward swim past them by clicking on the screen to make him flap his tentacles. 

Playing all these fun games is sure to keep you entertained, and, who knows, maybe they will get you on the front page as well!