Ranger Defense Academy

Train to become one of the Power Rangers in Ranger Defense Academy game! Repeal the attacks cast upon you by the trainers and accomplish your mission!

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About Ranger Defense Academy Game

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Have you ever wondered what do you need to do to become a Power Ranger? Find out while playing Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Ranger Defense Academy game right now. All you have to do is to select the game, click Enter, and have a quick look at the instructions.

First, you will find out what your mission is, namely to block all the surprise attacks that your coaches will cast upon you. To do that, you have to click the upcoming strike with your weapon. Easy as pie! Now let’s look a little bit at the screen to see what is over there.

In the Upper left corner, you will be able to see how many shots you have missed. Once you fail to hit one, a red X will appear next to it. You are allowed to miss only five shots at max. If you miss the fourth one, your training will end but do not panic because you can always train again and again. Perseverance is the key to success, they say!

A little bit to the left of Missed Shots, you will see how many of them you have blocked. In the right upper corner, there is the timer which tells you how much time is there left from the round that you are currently playing in. Next to it is the Help button which, when pressed, will take you back to the same instructions as the ones at the beginning of the game in case you have forgotten something.

How to Play

Throughout the game, you will have three trainers: The Purple Ranger, the Yellow Ranger and finally, the Red Ranger. All of them will try to hit you with different types of attacks.

The training starts at first only with the Purple master; he is the easiest one of them all. His shots are the slower ones, and you will have plenty of time to defend yourself. The next master is the Yellow one; her attacks are of medium speed, so after some training, you won’t have any problems in protecting yourself from her. The last one, and the most difficult of them all is the Red Ranger. His shots are as fast as lightning, and you have to be very quick to counteract them.

The whole training lasts for four rounds. In the first one, also the easiest, you will face only with the Purple Ranger. In the second round, you will still see the first trainer, but alternatively, the Yellow Ranger will make an appearance to step up the play a little bit. The third and final round is the one in which you will prove yourself in front of all your teachers.

All the three rangers will be present at your training, including the Red one. He will strike you with the fastest and hardest to avoid attacks. If you fail to pass the academy, then train harder and click the Play Again button down there. Start once more from the beginning and show everybody what you are capable of doing!

This game will surely entertain you, and any other Power Rangers fans regardless of their skills, so go ahead and train as hard as you can.