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Become a superhero in the Ranger Fight game! Defeat all the enemies to succeed in this retro platformer game, joined by the mighty Power Rangers!

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About Ranger Fight Game

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Can you keep up with the fast pace of the Ranger Fight game? You are the protagonist of a truly unique journey in a fantastical world. Do you think you can play the role of a mighty Power Ranger? This game will surely thrill fans of retro platformer games!

What is more, you will find the unlikely mix of magical elements truly charming! Get ready for an immersive experience that will keep you on your toes!

Navigate a series of cool challenges!

The game consists of fifteen levels of increasing difficulty. The objective in each level is to make your way through various obstacles and get past dangerous enemies. Your final checkpoint is the basecamp tent of the Power Rangers. 

You only have three lives at your disposal. Keep in mind that any touch from an enemy takes away one of them! Sometimes you will have to calculate your moves wisely and decide if it's better to fight or sneak past specific threats. Therefore, you should think on your feet!

You can control your character by just pressing a few buttons on your keyboard. Move the hero by pressing the arrow keys. You can attack by pressing space. However, remember that the power of your attack is reduced unless you have an upgrade. Make sure you find the fireballs in your path in order to earn a more significant attack power! However, you should keep in mind that they only grant you special abilities for a limited time, so use them wisely!

Tips and tricks for success!

Even if this game might seem simple at first sight, you will soon find out that the learning curve is quite steep. There are certain strategies that you can use to advance quicker through the stages of your mission. For instance, you should adapt your approach to the type of enemy you encounter. The fighters with baseball bats are easier to avoid, while some foes have whips or swords that can hit you from a greater distance. What is more, some enemies are faster than others! 

Another helpful hint would be to explore the map of each level carefully. There are some hidden areas that you can only access by destroying particular objects. The road usually leads to valuable collectible stars!

Can you successfully finish all fifteen levels and reach the end of this challenging mission? You will need to have lightning-fast reflexes in order to succeed!