Ninja Storm

Join the adventure with Power Rangers: Ninja Storm game! Collect all the storms to open the gate and pass to the next level. Be careful at the obstacles!

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About Ninja Storm Game

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Did you hear about the Power Rangers? They are some super cool teenagers with great powers. They fight against evil forces, and in this new Ninja Storm game, they need to collect some storms to pass every level.

The things that you need to do are easy. Using your left and right arrow keys, move from right to left to collect all the storms that appear in your way. When you press the up arrow key on your keyboard, the Power Ranger that you play with will jump.

How to Play

You will not be able to unlock a door and get to the next level if you do not collect all the storms. Be careful because once you advance, the levels become increasingly harder. You will have to watch out for fires that are chasing you, or lava portion of floors. When you touch an obstacle that can hurt you, you will lose lives, and once you finish all your lives, the game will end, and you will have to start it all over again.

You only have five lives, so make sure that you use them the right way, and you do not lose. In some levels, you will need to climb stairs. Do it by also pressing the up arrow key. You need to pass ten levels to win the game, but be careful because your lives do not refill and you will start a new level with the number of lives that you have left from the previous level.

Do your best to collect all the storms without getting hurt and pass all the levels to become as strong as a Power Ranger.