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Play Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Legacy game to experience the adventures of the Power Rangers team firsthand! Can you defeat all the fierce enemies?

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Join your favorite team of teenage superheroes with Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Legacy game! Now you have the unique opportunity to become one of the Power Rangers in the adventure of a lifetime. You have the chance to join one of the most iconic teams of Rangers, the brave characters from the Megaforce series!

Enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of this game, complete with breath-taking backgrounds, colorful character design, and energetic music! Do you think you are brave enough to face such a fast-paced and challenging mission? There is only one way to find out!

Which Ranger is your favorite?

The very first step of the game is choosing the hero of your Power Rangers story! It will undoubtedly be exciting to pick out a protagonist, given the fact that there are so many options! Start by deciding which member of the team best reflects your personality. Is it Troy, Gia, Jake, Emma, Noah, or Orion?

What is more, there a two different versions of each Power Ranger, each one of them featuring a unique weapon and special attack! Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose your preferred kind of combat, whether it is a close-ranged battle or a series of wide-ranged attacks! The more you play a specific character, the higher their level will be. Therefore, level 20 is just a starting point for your adventure in the world of Power Rangers!

Also, you even get to customize the type of ranger suit your favorite hero wears! The six different options will remind you of the various Power Ranger series! 

Next, you will need to pick out a stage and a difficulty level. Do you think you can take on a Normal, Hard, or even Mega challenge?  What is more, there are six different levels to choose from! Do you think you can defeat Gorgax in the Caustic Complex, Tentacuss in the Tentacle Terrace or Matacore in the Frozen Foothold? Each of the stages will grant unique gaming experiences, complete with unexpected traps and new enemies!

Learn to control your powers to achieve victory!

The objective of each level is to navigate the fascinating settings while collecting all the bonus points and killing as many foes as possible. The end of each level will have you face a menacing boss, who will put your skills to the test. At the end of the stage, your final score will reflect your performance and ability! 

The gameplay is very intuitive and easy to get used to. We are sure that you will ace the levels in no time! All you need to do to move your rangers is press the arrow keys. Block using the down arrow and jump using the up key. Remember that you can also double jump!

What is more, you can use shift do dash and press or hold the space bar to attack. There are multiple combos that you can use to increase your points and obliterate your enemies. Do you think you can find them all?

Don't forget about the most exciting feature of the Power Rangers: their legendary abilities! Make sure that you keep an eye on the upper left corner of the screen! You can watch the yellow power-up bar fill up with each successful blow you deal. Once it's filled up, you can press the Z bar and stand back to watch the destruction!

Are you ready for a final tip before the fun begins? Then listen up! Keep an eye out for health bonuses all throughout the level. They allow you to restore your strength! Remember that every time you lose a life, you will restart from the last checkpoint reached. What is more, make sure you don't run out of lives! You will have to start at the beginning of the level. 

Are you ready to experience the incredible powers of the Power Rangers first-hand? Then pick out your favorite and get started on your very own epic adventure!