Never Surrender

Be the captain of a duo team in Power Rangers Megaforce: Never Surrender game! Defeat all the enemies and save the Universe from the forces of evil!

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About Never Surrender Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    950 x 560
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Play Power Rangers Megaforce: Never Surrender game and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime together with the fantastic Power Rangers team! Now you have the unique opportunity to be in the middle of the battlefield joined by the bravest super-powered teenagers in the world! Can you keep up with the fast pace of the action and defeat some of the fiercest villains in Power Ranger history?

You will need to think fast and master the art of Ranger combat. Practice your skills and upgrade your character to finish this mission successfully! 

Choose your partner and defeat all foes together!

How good are you in combat? Pick out one of the three difficulty levels at the beginning of the game. It's a good idea to practice on Easy mode at first, then move on to more challenging missions as you progress. The very first step of your epic journey is to pick out your favorite character from the Power Ranger team. Keep in mind that each one of the six characters has different weapons and abilities, as well as upgrades that you can purchase. 

Now that you have made your pick, it's time to think about an appropriate partner for your protagonist. I know it's a hard pick! However, you should know that you will have the opportunity to change the composition of your team at the end of each successful level. Are you ready to jump in the heat of battle?

It's time to defeat all the enemies standing between you and the terrifying villains. The gameplay is intuitive and easy to get used to. Move your character by pressing the arrows on your keyboard. You can jump by pressing the Z key. Press the space key to attack, or create powerful combinations by using all of the above keys. For instance, you can Shoulder Bash your opponent by holding one of the arrow keys, then tapping space at the right moment. How many combos can you discover by yourself?

Get ready to face the unexpected!

One of the coolest features of this game is the variety of backgrounds and the way you can interact with different elements. Your journey will take you through city streets, beaches, forests, and even secret islands! You will find multiple objects that you can destroy to score points and also extra health!

The objective of each level is to navigate through the fascinating settings and defeat the many enemies that come your way. Sometimes you will encounter a boss, a powerful enemy that will pose special challenges! They can deal powerful blows and feature their very own special attacks.  Therefore, you should always be on your toes when it comes to Scaraba, Creepox, or Vrak!

Gather as many gold coins as you can throughout your mission. They allow you to buy cool upgrades for your favorite characters. They will make your attacks more powerful and your Rangers more skilled. Don't forget that you can earn extra coins by destroying objects as well!

Another essential trick that you can use against your enemies is the Team Attack. Fill up your Megaforce power bar by hitting as many enemies as possible. Now, you can press the X key when you find yourself in a sticky situation! All the enemies on the screen will be obliterated, and even bosses will suffer significant damage!

Are you ready to compose and organize your very own Power Ranger dream duo? Be swift and think on your feet to save the Universe from the powers of evil!