Keeper's Escape

Join the legendary team of heroes in Power Rangers Dino Charge: Keeper's Escape game! Help this famous mentor protect the precious Energems from Sledge!

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Lend out a much-needed helping hand to a mentor with the Power Rangers Dino Charge: Keeper's Escape game! Let's go back millions of years, to a crucial time in the history of the Universe! Keeper, a wise alien, is the guardian of the precious and powerful Energems. Unfortunately, Sledge, the menacing bounty hunter, has uncovered his location and wants to rob him of the valuable precious. Keeper has boarded his ship, and he is now engaged in a dangerous race. The faith of humanity is in his hands! Can you get him out of this sticky situation?

Get ready for an intergalactic race you'll never forget!

The game consists of an exciting race, split into four stages. The aim is to avoid all of the incoming obstacles until you reach a safe place to deposit the Energems. You will need to look out for meteors, as well as Sledge's missiles! Do you think you are a good enough intergalactic pilot? There's only one way to find out!

Piloting a spaceship is easier than you might think. Use the arrow keys to steer the ship, while pressing the spacebar to fire. Remember that it's of utmost importance to shoot at as many obstacles as you can, even Sledge's ship! This is how you'll increase your score!

However, make sure you don't make moves that jeopardize the safety of the gems! Each blow you take will damage your shield and bring you closer to the end of your journey. Make sure you don't crash by regularly glancing at the bar at the top left corner of the screen. If you find yourself running low, just pick up the Repair power-up to restore some of the ship's health. 

Use power-ups to reach the end of your journey safely!

You will soon find that outrunning Sledge, the menacing bounty hunter, and avoiding all incoming asteroids is much harder than it seems. Thankfully, you can pick up helpful power-ups along your way. For instance, the Multishot will widen your range and increase the number of bullets you can fire at one time. Do you find yourself a little overwhelmed by the fast pace of this wild ride? Then you should look out for the Time Warp bonus, which will slow things down for a little while.

An important tip that will help you increase your score and reach the end of the game is to move your ship using the left and right arrows as well. This allows you to adjust your range and adjust to the different obstacles in your path. 

Oh, no! Your fuel is running out! Keeper decides to land on a little blue planet called Earth. However, this is not the end of your journey, just the beginning! The dinosaurs are now the guardians of the Energems! Can you keep up with the adventures of the Power Rangers in the Dino Charge series?