Power Rangers: Super Samurai

Join the Red, Blue Ranger, and the other Power Rangers in the Super Samurai game to fight Nighlok monsters. Fight their army of Moogers and save the Earth!

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About Power Rangers: Super Samurai Game

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The Power Rangers assembled in the Super Samurai game to save the world from evil Nighlok monsters. However, the forces of darkness are strong, and the heroes need your help to stop them for good. Can you join their team and fight your way through all the enemies?

Evil monsters are spawning worldwide, and every Power Ranger has a mission, so you can only choose one partner at a time! For example, you can fight alongside Jayden, Antonio, Emily, or any other Power Ranger. Also, each one will trust you with their power, and you will even be able to use their powerful robot called Zord. Let's get you suited up and ready for action!

How to Play

Using a Power Ranger's strength is no easy task, so you should first learn the controls. Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Left and Right arrow keys: Move around.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Down arrow key: Block.

 - Shift: Dash.

 - Spacebar: Attack / Power Attack.

 - Z: Summon Zord.

Each Power Ranger has their unique Zord, and to activate it, you will need to perform lots of combos and fill up its power meter. Try to use this attack when there are too many enemies to handle. It will take them down with one strike!

There will be many levels, and each one has a Nighlok monster to take down:

 - Construction Zone: Negatron.

 - The Foundry: Switchbeast.

 - The Great Dam: Desperaino.

 - Barnacle Bay: Crustor.

 - Subway Melee: Epoxar.

Before you reach these monsters, you will have to defeat the army of Moogers protecting them. There will be many types of foes you will encounter. Some will use swords, others bows, and you should try to find the best way to fight each one!

Each Power Ranger will also have a special weapon you will get to use. For example, you can choose to fight alongside the Blue Ranger if you want to use his Hydro Bow, or check out Pink's Ranger Sky Fan. Also, you can use Red Ranger's zanbato, the Fire Smasher, or the Green Ranger's spear called Forest Spear if you enjoy melee combat!

There is more you should know!

Even though the Power Rangers have different fighting styles, their health is all the same. So, if you get hurt, your health meter will go down, and you will lose one life point if it gets empty! However, you can find life points if you need to regenerate some points. Be careful, though! You only have three lives, and it's game over once you lose all of them!

Try to look for the energy orbs floating around. They have the color of your Power Ranger and are worth a couple of points. These spheres, taking down enemies and completing stages, will help you level up your warrior. Do you think you can level up all of them?

Are you ready to join the forces of the Power Rangers and save the world from the forces of darkness? Let's get you to meet everyone and get the action started.