Sand Castle Hassle

Play the Sand Castle Hassle game and defend SpongeBob's sand fortress from Patrick's army! Gather sand, build soldiers and eliminate the sand monsters!

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Help SpongeBob defend his great fortress from the sand monsters in the Sand Castle Hassle game! Our favorite sponge, SpongeBob, has spent all day building a big castle to go against Patrick's evil figures! Horses, bulls, and trolls are ready to take down his creation and make it crumble to the ground! How long can SpongeBob keep the castle intact?

Your goal in this game is to defend SpongeBob's sand fortress by gathering sand in his magical bucket and dropping it on his enemies to eliminate them! You cannot lose this fight if you have a good strategy and quickness! The sand is your weapon!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to help SpongeBob protect his castle! You can control the bucket by moving your cursor. Try collecting as many drops of sand as possible to fill it up, and once it glows, you can drop it onto your enemies! The more you eliminate, the higher your score at the end of the round!

Different types of enemies will come forward to attack your castle. The bulls are slow but strong, while the horses move quickly! The trolls are enormous and require two sand drops from your bucket to disappear. 

You have two options when defending your fortress from these monsters. Drop the sand on the ground to form soldiers who protect against an attack or two, or rebuild your castle whenever it gets damaged!

As you progress and defeat the monsters, they'll come in more and more waves! Each wave might bring out a new, powerful enemy and increase their number significantly! It's up to you how you defend your castle as long as it still stands by the end of the wave! When the fortress gets destroyed, it's game over!

Are you ready to become the protector of the castle and fight Patrick's sand army? Defend the fortress at all costs!