Gary's Crush

Join the colorful snail in his quest for true love in the incredible Gary’s Crush game. Do you have what it takes to be the best Cupid in Bikini Bottom?

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About Gary's Crush Game

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Feelings are up in the air in the new and surprising Gary's Crush game. Valentine's Day is quite near, and your favorite characters from Bikini Bottom are starting to feel the fever of love. Do you remember the feelings of affection that flood your heart every time you think of your beloved one? Gary has been in this situation for some time now and hopes that this year, he will be able to share his feelings.

As always, Gary tries to reach his beloved crush, Mary. The challenge is quite difficult because she is far away, and the little snail is very slow. For this reason, he needs your help. Keep close to Gary on this important day, and help him reach the love of his life.

How to Play

The instructions are quite straightforward, and you don't need much preparation to play this game. However, you need to be careful and keep a close eye on Gary. The journey towards true love is filled with obstacles that will hinder his quest for tenderness. You will have to catapult Gary into the air to gain some advantage of time and speed.

When you enter the game, instructions will be provided, so pay great attention to them. On the left side of the screen, a replica of Cupid's bow will appear. This indicates the angle used when you will launch Gary into the air. Hit the Spacebar twice to propel the snail into the air, and straight to his love. First, you will adjust the angle at which Gary will fly, and then the speed.

Tips and Tricks

To keep Gary in the air, and to get as far as possible, you'll need to hit the Valentine's Day gifts. To collect the bonuses, you'll need to land snail-down. These will add new jumps that will take him closer to Mary. Once they are hit, these gifts will catapult him further into the snail, and he will gain more power.

As mentioned, along the journey, Gary will encounter various obstacles in the form of other competitors to Mary's heart. To defeat the opponents, the snail must land shell-down on them. To rotate, you can press the Up arrow. And for a sudden landing, use the Spacebar again and slam to the ground.

However, be careful not to keep Gary too close to the earth. If he falls too many times, he will lose his life, causing the game to end. Make sure to land on his shell when necessary.

Enter the affection universe of Bikini Bottom on this Valentine's Day, and help Gary reach the love of his life. This will be possible if you pay close attention and focus on the game. Your favorite character hopes to be able to confess to Mary this year and desperately needs your assistance!