Pyramid Peril

Join SpongeBob and save the coral hills of Bikini Bottom in the Pyramid Peril game! Hop through the colorful blocks and avoid the angry sea creatures!

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About Pyramid Peril Game

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Oh no! The coral hills of Bikini Bottom are in danger in the Pyramid Peril game! SpongeBob is the only one who can get them blooming again, but he needs your help. Are you ready to head off on this adventure and conquer the peak together?

This is a classic skill-based challenge, so you must put your quick reflexes and abilities to good use! Your job is to go down the pyramid of corals and color all the blocks. However, enemies are guarding the place, so you must keep SpongeBob safe at all costs! Will you be able to complete your mission while avoiding the stinging sea creatures?

How to Play

Before you start your descent, you should understand the basics. To guide SpongeBob around the coral pyramid, all you need is a mouse! Click on each square to move the character in the right direction, and he will follow your lead. How cool is that?

Your main goal for this mission is to land on each block without falling off. To do this, you need to move in every direction until all the squares are colored. You can go to the left or right or even go back up to change your route as needed. Just make sure you don't jump off the last row, or you'll lose a life!

The enemies are chasing you, so you must move quickly and avoid them! The jellyfish can sting you, while the anemones will change the color of the tiles they touch. If you see one, you must squash it as soon as possible! Just watch out for the sea horses because they will chase you until they fall off the reef!

What else you should know

To escape danger, hop on a whirlpool, and you will be safe. This will transport you back to the top of the pyramid, so the stinging sea creatures won't be able to touch you!

Additionally, your friend Gary is also a useful companion. If you jump on him, you can temporarily freeze time!

Are you prepared to help SpongeBob save the coral hills? If so, begin your journey together and stay away from the scary creatures! Your friend is counting on you to keep him safe!