Sockengarten Saga

Play the Sockengarten Saga game and find the perfect sock for the Convention! Look through boxes and seek the Viking's approval of the socks you find!

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About Sockengarten Saga Game

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Help SpongeBob collect and show off colorful socks for the rough Vikings in the Sockengarten Saga game! The Vikings have come to Bikini Bottom to look for the perfect socks and display them to everyone at the Sockengarten Convention! However, they're not the best bunch, so they have kidnapped poor old Squidward, and SpongeBob must save him! Can he please them with his sock choices?

Your goal is to save Squidward from being catapulted by finding the Viking's favorite sock in one of the many boxes! It might seem scary, but be patient, and don't hesitate to show off all your favorite pairs! One will be up to the mighty Viking's liking!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to navigate the junk piles and look through the boxes and coffers! Here are the controls and how to use them properly:
 - Arrow keys: Move around.
 - Spacebar: Open the boxes.

Whenever you find a sock in one of the boxes, you'll have to return to the Viking and show it to him! Try to pay close attention to his comments and keep them in mind when looking for the next sock! If he complains about the color or shape, you've got one of the elements right. However, if he comments about both, you'll have to look for a different sock!

At the same time, you should avoid rats at all costs! They travel back and forth on the trash piles and will run into you. When they do, they'll make you drop the sock you carry and throw you on the ground! You might've dropped the perfect sock because of those pesky rats, so try to dodge them as much as possible!

What else you should know

You can collect banana peels for points and other power-ups to make the sock-finding challenge easier! For example, the Viking hat will give your a speed boost, while the orange clock will add a few more seconds to your timer!

Remember, there's a time limit for your sock hunt! Vikings are not very patient, so when the timer runs out, it's game over! However, you can gain a few seconds every time you deliver a good sock!

Are you ready to find the perfect sock for the Sockengarten Convention and release Squidward? Time to knock the Viking's socks off!