Block Party 2

Join the Nickelodeon characters on a board game with the Block Party 2 game. Roll the dice and win all the challenges to gain the Nick coins!

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About Block Party 2 Game

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The best thing to do when you have friends over is to play a board game just like the Block Party 2 game. Here some Nickelodeon characters gathered to have a little fun. They invented this awesome one with mini-games at every step. 

The main idea is quite simple. You have to roll the dice to advance on the squares. Depending on which square you fall onto, you will have to play a mini-game! The fun part is that this game has to be played against others. So, the computer will generate some opponents for you!

How to Play

For the whole game, the only thing you will need is your mouse. You can start by picking the board you want for the game. Then you get to choose the player you would like, and the game can begin. A nice advantage is that you will always be the one to break the ice and start the game.

The first thing you will need to do once the game starts is to roll the dice. Simply click on the icon and keep your fingers crossed. With a little bit of luck, you will get a great head start. Once you do that, your character will move the pawn onto the right square.

As mentioned before, almost all the spots on the board will launch a mini-game. In these, you will play against all the other opponents on the board. The one who manages to win gets some extra Nick coins. Fortunately, you will not get bored at all by these little games. Fudge-Pocalypse, Let Her Rip, or Bingo, are just of few of the awesome things you get to play.

Board games have never been more entertaining! Playing with the awesome Nickelodeon characters clearly makes a difference. Remember! The one to get enough coins first wins!

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