Spotless SpongeBob

Play the Spotless SpongeBob game and help SpongeBob wash his hands properly! Use the soap to trap the tiny germs in bubbles and pop them to eliminate them!

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Help your sponge friend fulfill his resolution and wash his hands properly in the Spotless SpongeBob game! There are germs everywhere, and SpongeBob needs his hands to stay clean! He's the Krabby Patties chef, after all! However, there's only one way to wash his sponge hands correctly, and he must use a lot of soap! Can you show him how to do it?

Your job in this game is to help SpongeBob wash his hands and capture all the germs in soap bubbles before they multiply! You'll need good reflexes and quickness to deal with those nasty germs, but don't let that scare you away! SpongeBob's hands will be squeaky clean in no time!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to make the soap bubbles and clean SpongeBob's hands well! Click and then hold to power up your bubble! Once it reaches the size you want, release the click and jump onto the target group of germs to trap them! Then run your cursor over them to make the bubbles pop, and the germs will disappear!

You must be careful! The germs are very quick and can immediately stop you from growing your bubble. Avoid using the soap when too close to at least one of the germs, or they will pop it, and you'll have to start over! You can only get interrupted three times before it's game over, so play it smart!

Remember that when trapped in soap, the germs are harmless! Get a bigger group soapy, and they might give you a score multiplier! The more you trap and pop, the higher the score! Try not to wait too long, or the germs will wiggle their way out before you know it!

Now that SpongeBob knows how to wash his hands properly, can you help him eliminate all the pesky germs? Nothing a little soap can't fix!