Delivery Dilemma

With the Delivery Dilemma game, you have the opportunity to drive shotgun side by side with Spongebob! Get ready to push the pedal to the metal!

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Play the Delivery Dilemma game if you enjoy the speed, as well as the company of the world's silliest sea sponge! You're right! I am talking about SpongeBob, who is a loyal worker for the burger joint called the Krusty Krab.

Mr. Krabs has sent his employee to pick up some quite important ingredients. What is more, this boss takes the meaning of fast food very seriously! Can you hop into the car with your favorite hero and deliver everything on time? The faith of the restaurant depends on your swiftness and agility!

How good of an underwater driver are you?

Have you ever been in an underwater race? The game consists of a series of fun and thrilling competitions, each of them more challenging than the previous. The goal of each stage of the game is to reach the final destination before the time runs out.

What is more, you should keep in mind that Plankton, the one-eyed copepod, and his minions are on SpongeBob's tracks! Can you believe that they are trying to sabotage you even now? Avoid them or push them out of your way!

Thankfully, driving in this game is quite straightforward. Press the Up arrow key to accelerate and use the Down key to slow down. Naturally, you can swerve Left or Right by using the respective keys. Easy as pie, right?

Moreover, you can press the space-bar key to use one of the car's weapons! Keep a close eye on the right side of the screen, where you can check the remaining number of lives, the timer, as well as the speed-o-meter and the available weapon! 

Pick up the bonuses and bump the competition out of your way!

The coolest feature of this game is the fact that you can pick bonuses and extras to spice up your gaming experience. To begin with, you can change your weapon from the default pickles to a slippery puddle of fish oil.

What is more, you can replenish the three available shots by picking up the same weapon in your way. Do you get the idea? Make sure that you also pick up the starburst icon to increase your speed and the time bonus to gain valuable extra seconds!

The key to any successful race is to have the courage to ride at maximum speed and bump anyone who stands in your way. Use the Left and Right arrows to swerve around and even into the other members of the traffic.

However, pay close attention! Every time you get bumped on the side of the road, you lose one of your precious lives and need to restart the level.

Are you ready to stand your ground and travel as fast as you can towards your destination? You will surely have a blast joined by one of the silliest animated creatures in the world!