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Play the Totally Turtles game to experience the magic of the TNMT from every era! Can you defeat bad guys from 1984 until the present day?

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Get ready for a cool adventure back in time with the Totally Turtles game! If you are a true fan of the show, you will certainly enjoy this journey through all the different eras of a legendary series.

As you might know by now, this legendary team of superheroes started as a dark and moody comic book series, set in New York. Jump right in and join each member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a challenge that will get your heart racing!

Now you have the chance to follow the evolution of your favorite super-powered adolescent reptiles! You get to witness everything, from the black and white period of the '80s to the lively '90s and the modern version from 2014. Can you succeed in all the challenges?

Lend Leo and Mikey a helping hand!

Are you ready to get started? Select the first mini-game and prepare for a prolonged battle. Your mission is to help Leo obliterate wave after wave of enemies. You'd better get used to the back and white background and grim atmosphere quickly! Move the turtle around using the Arrow keys, press X to jump, and attack foes by pressing Space. Seems easy as pie? Think again!

As you only have three lives, you will need to be extremely careful!  Keep an eye out for pizza slices that will grant you extra lives, as well as the clocks! They bring you precious extra seconds, giving you a chance to beat up more monsters and receive a higher score!

Have you had enough violence for a while? Join the laid back Mikey for a chill session of skateboarding! All you need to do is watch the talented turtle carefully, then click at the right moment for him to perform a cool trick. The key to success is to watch the end of the ramp closely, then click when Mike is in the green. How groovy!

Join Raph, Donnie, and April for some fun!

Do you know Raph? His aggressive nature can sometimes be a disadvantage, but now it seems to give him real leverage! His goal is to take out all the Kraang from the sewers. The rules are simple: move using the arrows, use X to jump, and press Space to attack. How many baddies can you take out before the time runs out?

Next, let's meet up with Donnie in 2014! You can join him for some fun on the turtle's moving van. How many members of The Foot can you take out? It's going to be interesting to move from the top to the bottom level smacking down all the enemies you encounter!

Join April for a bonus game as the last treat! She needs to get rid of Baxter's flying bots as fast as she can. The controls are similar to those of other mini-games of this series. However, you will need to pay extra attention and use the jumping feature more to succeed. Can you do it?

Witness the evolution of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and help your super-powered friends! You will certainly enjoy the change of atmosphere and animation style. Which is your favorite version?