Deep Space April

April is on a special mission in the Deep Space April game. She is the only one who can retrieve the Black Hole Generator, so help her defeat Captain Mozar!

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About Deep Space April Game

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Since April is human, she is the only one who can travel safely into the outer space. Thanks to the Astro-Suit that Fugitoid built, she can move smoothly and has powerful attacks from her yellow jumpsuit. Play the Deep Space April game to recover the Black Hole Generator pieces!

On your way, a lot of rivals will try to stop you. And it will be a tough journey, but don’t give up until the very end! Before you get to the boss, you must beat a lot of his field soldiers and avoid their attacks. Return to Earth safely with all the intact pieces of the machine!

Eradicate the Triceratons!

In the beginning, you need to learn how to use April’s different attacks! Press the Left arrow to destroy red enemies with Tessen, and the Right arrow to kick blue enemies. The green ones require a more powerful move: the Psychic attack, which is triggered by the Up arrow key.

With every dead enemy, you receive ten points, but after you kill a certain number, your score will multiply. Miss one, and the boost disappears.

You must complete three levels, all with the same goal: Varanon, Moon of Thalos 3, and Mother Ship. A piece of the Black Hole Generator hides somewhere in every stage. You can recover them only if you manage to beat the boss, Captain Mozar of the Triceraton Fleet. The last piece is guarded by red and blue dinosaurs, which you can defeat with the combination Left and Right keys.

You should also know that April has a super attack, which causes the most damage. To use it, you need to press the Spacebar when the energy meter is full and trace the shapes of the galaxy with your mouse. Just touch all the points and see how your enemies will clear out!

Watch out for the obstacles!

Once you reach Mozar, the Mother Ship will try to abduct you. Press and hold the Down button to escape its rays and continue your fight. The leader is the most powerful in the last level, so it will take some time to put him down and get the last piece back.

Captain Mozar’s plans must be stopped as soon as possible! He plans to rule the world and cause chaos among the space nations, eliminating planet Earth with Black Holes. Be careful on your journey, and don’t forget your duties!

Enjoy the play, and help April return safely to the Ninja Turtles team with all the Black Hole Generator pieces!