Comic Book Combat

Act as the main protagonist in your own designed scenes with the Comic Book Combat game! Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in this new adventure!

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Get ready for the Comic Book Combat game! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will blow your socks off with this fantastic game that allows you to be a true hero! Any avid fan of the series knows that these awesome turtles originated from a comic book. Wouldn't you like to become a character in one of the famous graphic novels?

Now you have the chance to become a comic book hero! Can you play the role of a Ninja Turtle and defeat the Kraangs, Mousers, and Footbots?  There's only one way to find out!

Master the moves!

The game consists of three fascinating chapters, each one containing around 13 levels. Isn't it cool that the stages are step up just like the pages of a comic book? Your mission is to navigate from panel to panel, collecting all the coins and destroying every enemy in sight. What is more, you can even add your own creative touch and change up the background using the edit mode. It sounds exciting, right?

But first, you need to pick out your favorite character! Mikey, Donnie, Raph, and Leo are amazing ninjas. Each one of them has a unique personality, a different weapon, and a special superpower. Who will you choose?

Time to learn how to play! Move your character by using the Left and Right Arrow keys. You can jump by pressing the Up Arrow, and even double-jump by pressing the button in mid-air. 

Do you want to move on to the next panel! Find the right place and press X. You can also attack any enemies that come your way by pressing the Space Bar. Don't let the Kraang escape!

The main goal of your mission is to explore all the panels while collecting all the bonuses that come your way. Pizza slices will improve your health, mutagens will power up your special move, while coins can be used in the Edit mode. Isn't that neat?

Become a comic book hero with just a few tips!

Do you see that huge lock in the middle of the scene? Break it to gain control over your own story! The edit feature allows you to add new elements to a particular frame or even remove them. You can earn extra coins by adding some new opponents. Can't reach that place at the top? Add a platform in the right position to solve that issue!

By using the main menu, you can return to any panel you have solved so far. Add some more modifications, or even decor or dialogue! The story is in your hands with this exciting game! 

Do you find it hard to pass the level even with all the changes? Don't worry! Thankfully, your superpowered turtles have a special ability that they can use whenever they find themselves in a sticky situation. Use the Z key to unleash any time you feel like you're in danger. 

However, keep in mind that the bar at the bottom right corner of the screen needs to be full for the attack to work. Collect as many mutagens as you can by defeating enemies and destroying objects such as boxes, and even garbage bags!

Find out what you're made of with this amazing adventure platform game! You will need to be swift, agile, and smart to win against some of the turtles' most feared enemies. Do you think you can bring justice to the streets of New York City?