Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi

Start making matches with The Lego Movie 2: Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi game! Try your best to gather all the required items before you run out of moves!

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About Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi Game

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    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
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    960 x 640
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Have a blast with The Lego Movie 2: Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi game while making a ton of matches! Are you a fan of the famous match-three games? Now you can enjoy this fun pastime in the company of your favorite LEGO characters!

Your mission will be to make matches to gather the characters that Queen Wa'Nabi wants. Can you do it before you run out of moves, or will you face her disappointment?

The game consists of a single level that you need to ace. However, this game is so addictive that you'll want to keep playing it over and over! Accomplish Queen Wa'Nabi's goals before the 20 moves run out and try to make as many strategic matches as you can. Stop hesitating, and get started!

How to Play

You can make matches by using your mouse or taping on your screen. It all depends on what device you are using. Take a close look at all the items and find a way to form a group of three or more icons of the same type! Once you have made a decision, select the two adjacent tiles you want to move. It's that easy!

Don't forget to pay attention to the Queen's demands! You can find out what kinds of tiles you have to match by glancing at the bottom right corner of the screen. Try your best to fill up the bars before running out of moves! You'll soon find that some types are easier to match than others, depending on how many of them you can find.

Also, try your best to create special tiles by making matches of three or more tiles of the same type! You can use them to clear off an entire row or column at once. What is more, you can even combine two bonuses for a jaw-dropping effect! It's a great way to clear off the entire screen and score a ton of points!

That's all you need to know to help Queen Wa'Nabi! Don't get discouraged if you can't accomplish her goal from your first try! Sometimes you might just have bad luck when it comes to the tiles. However, if you keep practicing, you'll surely ace this addictive match-three challenge in no time!