Lego: Bits and Bricks

Step inside the Kingdom of Cybit with the Bits and Bricks game! Join Princes Bittina as she programs robots to save them from the dangerous TERAVIRUS!

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Don't miss out on the Bits and Bricks game if you are excited to go on a Lego adventure! This thrilling challenge allows you to explore the magical Kingdom of Cybit. Have you heard about this happy and friendly realm? You can find it on a digital cloud in Cyberspace. The inhabitants are tiny Lego robots who solve puzzles. However, a new danger threatens the Bits and their kingdom!

The dangerous TERAVIRUS has infected the Kingdom of Cybit. Can you believe that it has turned King Bitt and his people into Badbots? Princess Bittina, the keeper of the secret Codex bots, is the only one who can save the day. Help this cute hero by completing all 16 levels! Are you smart enough to succeed? There's only one way to find out! 

How to Play

Are you ready to get started on the puzzles? Your job is to program the Bits and lead them towards the target in each level. How to do that? It's easy! To begin with, get acquainted with the three commands you can give the Bit. Therefore, you can move forward, rotate clockwise, or counterclockwise. Use them to guide the protagonist on the right path!

All you need to do is choose one of the three commands from the bottom of the screen. How many times do you want the Bit to repeat this action? Pick one of the numbers that show up. Create a chain of commands that guides your protagonist towards the end of the level. 

Do you think you have the perfect solution? Then press play and see what happens. If you haven't managed to reach the end of the level, rethink your strategy. Once you have corrected your code, hit the restart button, and try a new way. Maybe this time it will work!

There's more you should know!

You will come across plenty of special blocks throughout your mission! For example, you can use colored portals to get to another region of a level or an entirely different kingdom area.

Moreover, you will have to avoid infected tiles that cause you to restart the level. Use the chat blocks to add fun sound effects for the Bit, such as a giggle or a whistle. Isn't this cool?

Princess Bittina needs your help to cure her beloved friends of the curse of the TERAVIRUS. As you lend her a hand, you'll have a blast in a Lego adventure! Solve the puzzles,  and you will become a lot smarter. Besides, you will also meet the adorable characters from the Kingdom of Cybit!