Join the electric Mixels to grab many colorful emblems in the Electroids game. Keep your hand steady while creating many symbol stacks of the same shade!

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About Electroids Game

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The electric Mixels prepared a challenge to test your problem-solving skills in the Electroids game! They laid out loads of Mixels emblems of every color, and they expect you to match them all. However, the symbols are all mixed up, so your task will not be as easy as it seems.

Your job is to make pairs of every colorful sign! They will all stack up and disappear when you have enough of the same color. However, you have to make sure you don't touch a token of another color with your pile. You will surely need a steady hand for this challenge. Do you think you have it?

How to Play

The only tool you need for this challenge is your mouse! Hover your cursor on top of a piece to grab it. Then, you only need to go and get the ones matching it and create a stack. Even though you didn't take every matching piece off the board, just hit your Left Click to transform those tokens into points. You can do this even if you have only one piece, so don't hold back!

At the same time, try not to touch the emblems of other colors when you have a stack! If this happens, the whole pile will explode and scatter to different sides of the map. However, you can easily avoid this by paying attention to your surroundings. Also, the stack will develop a colorful space at the base. If this touches any other piece of the same color, it will automatically grab it!

Time is your enemy! You will have eight stages to clear, each with a timer. You will fail the challenge if you don't collect all the pieces on the map before the timer runs out. On the other hand, if you grab all the emblems, all the points you received for every stage will add up and form a high score in the end!

It's time to see if your hands are steady enough for the challenge of the electric Mixels! Let's get started and see how many piles of emblems you can form!