Try the Infernites game to discover Vulk, Flain, and other Mixels of the Red Tribe in their hometown. Smash all the bricks to reveal the images they hide.

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Have you ever wanted to see what the Mixels from the Red Tribe do daily? Well, you are in luck because, in the Infernites game, you will see many of the flamy monsters spend their day. However, you will first have to smash some blocks to reveal their secrets.

The Infernites will not let you see their home without putting in some work. So, your goal is to destroy all the colorful blocks they laid up for you. Be careful, though! The monsters have some tricks up their sleeve, so you can't just go around and destroy every structure.

How to Play

To smash the bricks, you only need your mouse! However, you can only destroy the ones in pairs of at least two pieces of the same color. Don't worry! If blocks of the same color connect, you can quickly identify them because the whole row will light up when you touch one piece from it.

At the same time, try not to smash the blocks blindly. Look around to see if your action will form more pairs so you will have no isolated left blocks at the end of the level!

There are fifteen stages to clear, and after you destroy all the blocks, you will discover an image of Vulk, Flain, and others! However, you should also gain loads of points while at it! For every chain of blocks you smash, you will win some. Also, this score will add up with every level you pass, so don't give up until you complete them all.

Lastly, you should pay attention if you want to destroy all the blocks and have a full image of the Mixels. As you advance, you will encounter new types of bricks. Also, they will become smaller and smaller, and the chains will become harder to see at first glance. You might lose points for each brick left without a pair at the end of every stage.

Are you ready to start your adventure and smash all the bricks to reveal the images of the Infernites? If so, let's see how your problem-solving skills will handle this challenge!