Mixels: Who's in the Mix?

Test your skills with a Mixels' guessing challenge in the Who's in the Mix game! Look at the Mix creature and guess its parts before time runs out!

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About Mixels: Who's in the Mix? Game

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The Mixels have prepared a new guessing challenge for you in the Who's in the Mix game! The monstrous but adorable LEGO creatures have mixed together and built new creatures. Through a set of trials, they want you to guess which Mixels have merged! Will you be able to beat the challenge and guess the correct answer?

Your job is to look at the picture of the combined creature and determine which Mixels it is made of! The Mixels are very different, so it won't be an easy challenge, but with a bit of concentration, you'll be able to guess in no time!

How to Play

To guess the Mixels, use your mouse. First, you'll be shown a picture of the merged creature. Then, you must click on the two Mixels that you think are part of the Mix. If you guess them correctly, you'll earn a token, and a star will light up! You can try and guess as many Mixels as possible before the time runs out!

You will face a new challenge with every guess. For example, more Mixels will be added to your answer options to confuse you. However, you must remember that all the combinations are made up of only two Mixels. 

As you play, Nixels will also show up one by one and cover the Mix picture. You can get rid of them and see the full image again by bombing them. Just keep an eye out for when the bomb appears on your screen!

There's more you should know!

Every four correct guesses will light up the star tower, and you'll receive a few extra seconds to add to your timer. The more time you have, the more tokens you can collect.

If you have trouble guessing which Mixels form the creature, try paying attention to the colors it's made of, and it should become less confusing. When the Mix only has one color, you'll know the two parts of the combination belong to the same tribe! You'll quickly master the art of guessing if you follow this hint!

Are you ready to claim victory against this challenge and become the guessing champion? The Mixels will be impressed!