Help the three wizards recover their magic in the Wiztastics game! Jump and collect as many magical orbs as possible while avoiding the nasty Nixels!

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About Wiztastics Game

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The magical Mixels tribe is trying to recover their magic in the Wiztastics game! Magnifo, Mesmo, and Wizwuz are known for their amazing shows! Unfortunately, their magic has been running pretty low lately. They need to collect more, or they can't do their impressive tricks! With a few well-timed jumps, they can restore their power! Will you take on this challenge?

Your job is to help the three wizards recover their magic by jumping and collecting magic orbs! As long as you pay attention to the timing and height of the jump, the trio will be able to perform amazing shows again in no time!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to make the wizards jump. As Magnifo, Mesmo, and Wizwuz walk down the street, you can click and drag each wizard to modify their position. Then, when an orb of magic appears, make them jump by clicking on each once.

However, they can only reach specific heights, so keep that in mind when collecting the orbs. Magnifo will jump the highest, Mesmo somewhere around the middle, and WizWuz low.

The bar at the top of your screen shows how much magic the wizards have before they run out. As you advance, the meter slowly depletes, and you'll have to continuously collect magic orbs to fill it up. Whenever it gets empty, it will be game over.

What else you should know

Every once in a while, a black and purple package will appear, so be on the lookout! It will help you replenish some of that magic if you're running really low!

The last aspect you must pay attention to is the occasional Nixels! To avoid running into them, all three Wizards will have to jump over it. The more you progress, the more often they appear. If you accidentally hit one, your magic meter will be affected, and you'll run out quicker, so try your best to steer clear!

Are you ready to collect all the orbs and restore the wizards' magic? It's time to see some impressive hops!